Visible one ink deterrence

Thursday:2015-04-24 14:04:28

One Ink is enough!
loss prevention programs need to match or exceed the sophistication of the shoplifter. In some situations,a single
 EAS tag can do the job. However, if a more aggressive shoplifter is present or the merchandise is expensive and
 desirable, a higher level of protection is necessary.
Many retailers use a combination Ink/ferrite product manufactured by Virginland to have the highest impact on their 
shoplifting. These lightweight, but strong and secure tags stand up to the cleverest thieves.
Our creative design team worked out one mor single vial ink pin. Can compatible most of AM or RF EAS tags. It is 
small, light weight and attractive!
• Visible one ink deterrence
• Smooth or grooved pin available
• Customerized length of steel pin
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