Fast fashion trends for apparel and footwear move at digital speed now more than before. With impending fashion trends and pressure to increase margins while leapfrogging over the competition, fashion retailers are carefully evaluating their in-store environment. A retail space can be redefined, renewed and essentially transformed by using quality security and inventory intelligence. Some of the top challenges plaguing the apparel/fashion or footwear industries are shoplifting, inventory control and conversion rates.

Some un-safe factor in your apparel store:
▪  Shoplifting
▪  Internal Theft
▪  Display Effectiveness
▪  Inventory Accuracy
▪  Serve Effectiveness
▪  Out of stock or over stock

Hybon tag can help apperal stores:
▪  Secure the store, employee, customer
▪  Prevent store loss
▪  Make Reasonable stock
▪  Give customer efficient service
▪  Increase customer’s confidence
▪  Increase margin