Supermarket Retailing is one of the fastest growing industries, with verity of products, stable earnings, flow-quickly cash. It is widely taken as a good industry, especially the chain supermarket.
More and more people enjoy the supermarket shopping, wanting to get effective and best service. EAS can give customer good confidence and convenience. It can help retiling store work faster and better.

Some un-safe factor in your supermarket:
▪  Shoplifting
▪  Internal Theft
▪  Display Effectiveness
▪  Inventory Accuracy
▪  Serve Effectiveness
▪  Out of stock or over stock

Hybon tag can help supermarket retailer:
▪  Secure the supermarket, employee, customer
▪  Prevent store loss
▪  Make Reasonable stock
▪  Give customer efficient service
▪  Increase customer’s confidence
▪  Increase margin