Our innovated research team

We have research team with innovation and development. Our team’s aim is to prevent retailers’ loos and secure the supermarket, and give more pleasure to customer.

Well-trained workers

We have well-trained workers. Once joined in our company, we will give 7 days training classes to let them know what is our product and how to produce our production. We have belief in common that quality is first.

Professional producing machine

We have specialized producing machine operated by well-trained workers. Once tag put into production, we have QI to check the quality in the process. Our rate of finished products is up to 99.99% , then we send to our customer.


High production Capacity

We would analysis the customers demand then produce the relevant tags in stock. When new orders come, we can send the product very fast. Daily production capacity is 400,000 pcs in total.


Our service

For inquiry, we can give you retailing solution meet your demand. And we can customize the tag you need. Once put into production, we will let you know the accurate leading time. Then we send the production on time. If you have any question about our product, we are pleased to assist you.